20 Of The Best And Worst Items To Buy At Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is probably your first stop when its comes to shopping for a host of different household things. And why not? With everything prized at just a dollar, it is a heaven for a shrewd and thrifty buyer. But if you really want to be clever in your purchases and get the best out of your money, here is a list of all that you should buy at Dollar Tree and all that you should avoid buying there.

Go for these items for the Dollar Tree:

1. Best-selling books and coloring books

Dollar Tree

For bookworms looking to stock up their libraries, Dollar Stores offer a great pricing of the best sellers that would normally go for about $10 or more. Also, activity and coloring books to educate and entertain kids come at a very low price here. Therefore, books are a must buy at a Dollar Tree.

2. Party Supplies


Party balloons, gift wraps, party hats and other supplies for your celebrations come at a highly discounted price when compared to other retailers who sell for way higher than that.

3. Spices


Baking and cooking just got a whole deal cheaper. Same spices at the grocery store could cost you more than twice the amount.

4. Greeting Cards

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has a variety of cards that are just as creative and beautiful as cards at other stores. So why pay anything more than a dollar for the same item?

5. Hair Accessories


It is a reality that no matter how many rubber bands, clips or hair pins you buy, you end up loosing them in just a matter of days! But with Dollar Tree you can just stock them up for a dollar.

6. Cosmetics

Northshore Mama

Branded make-up for just one buck! Now, that’s what I call a deal.

7. Pregnancy Tests


Pregnancy Tests here work just as well as tests at any other store. So, go for them at just one dollar at the Dollar Tree.

8. Cleaning Supplies


The same goes for cleaning supplies. These cleaning towels and erasers would leave your furniture and utensils and basically everything in your home, spotless. Brands at other stores that do the same job would cost much higher.

9. Photo Frames

Living Rich With Coupons

For a dollar, these are a good purchase. Word of caution – you might want to double check the hook that comes along with it.

10. Decorative Baskets

Zest it Up

Looking for a basket for Halloween candies, or baskets to deck up your living room? You can get them just for a dollar here, whereas they may cost about five bucks elsewhere.

Follow along to watch out for things to avoid purchasing at the Dollar Tree.

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