This 1887 Dilapitated House Is Beautifully Restored To Its Former Glory


15. Yet Another Fireplace

Nothing says “cozy” more than a wood burning fireplace. This space is used to relax in and catch up with friends. You can see the floor is a wonderful accent. There are pieces laid in a square and they get smaller as they go inward. Around them on the outside are the zzig-zagpattern, which gives the room a vintage feel.

16. A Relaxing Space for Guests

Red wainscoting add an additional color accent to this living space. If you look closer, you can also see that it has a texture. Again, the pipes are exposed and there is a fan mounted above to help cool the room in the summer. Instead of matching the throw pillows on the couch, the owner decided to add some contrast.


17. Floral Wallpaper in the Powder Room

This antique bathroom appears to have the original sink that came with the home. The porcelain sink is supported by steel leds. There are beautiful antique faucets that control the temperature of the water. Uniquely, the toilet is attached to plumbing that goes upwards. The homeowners have kept the tile original. There is a fun geometric design on the floor. This is balanced with a floral wallpaper.

18. Sage Green Guest Room with Twin Beds

One of the many bedrooms, this space looks like it was taken out of the 19th century. There is an antique water bowl perfect for washing your face before bed and when you awake. Two separate beds are designed for two children to share a room or two adults. It was normal for a husband and a wife to sleep in separate beds when this home was built. Although the wallpaper is very busy, the patterns are connected by their dark green shades.


19. Antique Furnishings Finish It Off

From another angle, you can see an ornate Tiffany lamp on an antique dresser. Instead of adding the detailed wallpaper all the way down to the floor, the designer has chosen to break it up with the red on the bottom. This choice keeps the room from feeling closed in.

20. A Space For the Inner Artist

An artist’s paradise! This space has everything to inspire someone who loves to explore art. The small draft table is set up to look out the window and take in the sights. To the left, there is a dresser that can be filled with canvases, paints, and brushes. It’s assumed that the artist who has enjoyed this space has painted the painting that sits above the dresser. There also appears to be a ceramic chamber pot beside the radiator. Chances are, this is just for looks.

21. A Romantic Bedroom Escape

This bedroom has a larger bed. It appears to be a full size or a queen. Instead of sage green wallpaper, this room has burgundy. In each corner of the ceiling, there is a painted triangular accent. A small sitting table is cornered by two chairs and it seems as if there is a painting of the home itself hung on the wall opposite of the bed.

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