This 1887 Dilapitated House Is Beautifully Restored To Its Former Glory


8. A Designated Desk for Letter Writing

Along with a writing desk, a piano can be found in this space. Black and white family photographs are placed around the room – on the writing desk and on top of the piano. A green floral motif wallpaper is applied all the way around the room where the wall and ceiling meet. You can see the pocket doors peeking out from the walls, which close off this space from the rest of the home. These are original to the home.

9. Antique Piano in Living Space

Different sized rugs are laid on the floor and designate different seating zones. In this room, there is a round rug which anchors a roundtable, chair, and love seat. In years past, a space like this would be set up for friends and family to sit around and play games. Chess, checkers, and cards were popular pastimes in the Victorian era.


10. A Royal Formal Dining Room

There’s room for at least six guests to sit and enjoy a nice meal in this formal dining room. Large wooden doors are on each side and can be opened and closed to close off the room from the rest of the space. A salmon shade is painted onto the walls and fills the room with a warm energy. The rose adorned tablecloth picks up the wall color and waits for the homeowner’s best china.

11. Large, Updated Kitchen

Although practical, the kitchen in this restored home isn’t too basic! The wood floors end into the tile and there are modern-day appliances added. A white refrigerator and dishwasher take this home from the 19th century to today! As you can see, there is lots of room for added workspace. There is a small table and chairs to eat a quick meal or prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for a big group!


12. Intricate Details in the Dining Room

The gold-hued seat covers on the chairs pick up the gold shades in the wallpaper. A large antique mirror doubles the space by reflecting the table. Instead of the horizontal wood flooring, this formal space is designated as fancier with the zigzag wood pattern. A curio cabinet displays family treasures, like teapots and special serving plates.

13. Stained Glass in the Kitchen

Above the kitchen, the backdoor is a beautiful stained glass window. The window features a flower as well as leaf accents. Repeated again, you can see another stained glass window placed in the window beside the back door. Things like this add character to this home that is unlike any other. A vintage wood burning stove appears to still be in use!

14. Exposed Pipes in the Kitchen & Cookbook Storage

Exposed pipes was a popular thing in older homes. This is how the family could showcase their wealth. Having indoor piping was looked at as a luxury. The homeowners who remodeled this home kept the old pipes and they appear to still be in use. Cookbooks have found a perfect home on bookcases in this large kitchen.

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