This 1887 Dilapitated House Is Beautifully Restored To Its Former Glory


For years, a Queen Anne-style house in York, Pennsylvania sat empty, slowly falling into disrepair. The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home was built in 1887, but years of neglect left it a shadow of its former self.

Recently, someone saw the hidden potential in the old house and undertook a massive restoration. The historical home has been returned to its former glory, and it’s quite impressive!


1. The Uninhabitable Home Before:

Above is an image of the home before it was restored by the current owners. As you can see in this image, the home looked like it was unsafe to enter. There is trash in the front and all of the porches look like they are rotted. The peeling paint and lack of windows make this home look like it needs to be torn down and tomorrow! Luckily, the homeowners saw the potential this beauty had and restored it to its original glory.

2. The Breathtaking After

What a breathtaking before and after! The home, built in 1887, looks like it was built within the last year and designed after an “older” home. New paint, windows, and overall restoration make you stop in your tracks when walking by it. No longer is it an eyesore or the embarrassment of the neighborhood.


3. A Warm, Welcoming Entryway

The entryway and grand staircase let you get a glimpse of the five different types of wood used on the floors. If you glance at the flooring in front of the steps, you can see there are many different patterns. The herringbone pattern, angled, and horizontal laid wood adds character and a regal look to this space.

4. Formal Sitting Room

Immediately to the left of the entryway is a formal sitting room. The arched doorway reminds one of the architecture of the 19th century. The rounded shape of the room and height is highlighted by stained glass windows. Even though there are curtains covering the windows, they bring in lots of light because of their massive size.

5. An Ornate Front Door

Looking back at the front door from the entry hallway, you can see the zig-zagged wood flooring. This is made up of different types of wood and makes a striking style statement. Oriental rugs are placed on the floor to protect the wood as well as warm up the home. There is stained glass around the front door for added character.

6. The Fireplace

Another less formal living space can be found directly behind the formal sitting room. The ceiling is painted with all different types of frames that lead to the chandelier that hangs in the center. A fireplace has both brick and wood surrounding it. The flooring room in this space is laid horizontally and look less ornamental.

7. A Space For Relaxing

From another angle, this less formal living space looks like the perfect place to write a letter to a friend or play a game of cards. An antique desk sits in the corner with an accordion cover. You can also see the radiator which provided heat to the room in the winter. A mix of sconces hanging on the wall and lamps brighten up the room.

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