The 10 Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials Ever


7. Doritos Blaze VS MTN Dew Ice Commercial

Here’s the official statement from “The promotion pairs Morgan Freeman and Missy Elliott for Mountain Dew Ice to take on Peter Dinklage and Busta Rhymes for Doritos Blaze in an unforgettable lip-sync rap battle. The epic commercial features Peter bringing the heat with his scorching lip-sync rendition of Busta’s verse from the track “Look at Me Now,” and Morgan giving the chills with an ice-cold lip-sync performance of Missy’s chart-topping hit “Get Ur Freak On.” As Peter takes a fiery bite of Doritos Blaze, his world is engulfed in flames, which then freezes over once Morgan takes a refreshing chug of Mountain Dew Ice.”

8. Microsoft’s “Empowering” (2014) – $8 Million

Microsoft showed off the incredible capabilities of technology in their 2014 Super Bowl commercial. A real tearjerker, this emotional clip touched our hearts. From helping the deaf hear to connecting people around the world, technology allows us to explore, interact, recover and heal. But all that comes with a hefty price tag – let’s hope Microsoft has some cash leftover to invest in more life-saving technology.


9. Coca-Cola’s “America is Beautiful (2014) – $8 Million

You can buy a whole lot of Coca-Cola with $8 million dollars! But the guys at Coke chose to spend it on this one-minute ad. The beautiful piece shows scenes of diverse Americans while “America the Beautiful” plays in the background. We’re not sure what’s more perplexing: Why this commercial cost $8 million or why some people found it so offensive?

10. Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” (2013) – $7.6 Million

Taco Bell hired every senior actor they could find for this fun commercial showing the elderly living la vida loca and pulling an all nighter. How does a 70+ partygoer top off a night on the town? With a trip to where else – but Taco Bell. We’re not sure why this ad cost so darn much, but maybe it had something to do with the insurance policy for all those old folks.


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