The Best Pancake House In Every US State


Montana: Stella’s Kitchen

Craving that huge, diner style pancake, with a hearty slab of butter on top? Stella’s has got you covered.

Nevada: Green Gataeu

At Green Gateau’s you don’t need Hannukah as an excuse to eat a potato pancake. Get them with an egg sunny side up for an extra hearty breakfast.


New Hampshire: Polly’s Pancake Parlor

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A state famous pancake joint with tons of different batters and add-ins. Their batter is so good they sell the mix too!

New Jersey: PJ’s Pancake House

PJs w J 😜💞

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A personal favorite— these pancakes are truly above the rest. Beyond from their extensive menu, PJ’s pancakes are the way all pancakes should be made: light and fluffy. Honestly, PJ’s could go for best pancakes in the world. They’re that good.


New Mexico: The Grove Cafe and Market

Sunday pancakes 🍓 This place is my favorite! #sundayvibes #pancakes #foodporn

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A nice and bougie joint in the middle of the desert. The Grove Cafe is said to serve up some “heavenous” pancakes.

New York: Vinegar Hill House

You know what to do. #getthemhotcakes

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These pancakes are everything a pancake should be. The perfect balance between light and fluffy and hefty and dense. A little crumbly, but still a cake. Leave it to Brooklyn to make the right pancake.

North Carolina: Tupelo Honey Cafe

Good morning with southern fried chicken on sweet potato pancakes

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The signature dish at Tupelo Honey is their sweet potato pancake. Topped with peach butter and spiced pecans, you can’t miss this one!

North Dakota: Darcy’s Cafe

Sometimes you just gotta have some cinnamon roll pancakes

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Darcy’s pancakes are said to be so good, they’ll immediately put a smile on your face.

Ohio: The Angry Baker

The Angry Baker’s pancakes, in general, are great, but they even cook up some delicious vegan, oat flapjacks. Yummy and healthy!

Oklahoma: Flint

Flint is known for serving up buckwheat pancakes with brown sugar, and rum flambéed bananas. A fun twist on a breakfast classic.


Oregon: Broder PDX

Imagine if you had a pancake, rolled it up into a ball, and then fried that ball and basically had a pancake donut? Well, that’s exactly what they do at Border PDX serving Dutch pancakes with a side of raspberry jam and lemon curd. They also have regular pancakes too, but I would go for those pancake donuts.

Pennsylvania: Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat

The classic breakfast and brunch dilemma is to go sweet or to go savory? At Honey’s Sit ’N Eat they save you the trouble by making a bacon and egg sandwich with pancakes as the bread. Its menu name is “The Breakfast Bomb” and it’s pretty clear why.

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