11 Foods You’ll Never Eat Again Once You Know the Ingredients


Warning: following information may forever deter you from going anywhere close to some of these food products that may have been your most favorite over the years. Even though a lot of these have the FDA approval, they contain some ingredients that can only gross one out. As consumers, we normally listen to our taste buds, and hardly think about going deeper into how the food is actually processed. So, here is some information for you. Proceed at your own risk.

1. Ground Beef

ground beef
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You’ll find ammonia in a lot of your home cleaning products. And in your ground beef! Pink slime that works as a filler in ground beef, results from the use of ammonia as a gas to kill germs in beef trimmings. It is technically still a meat product and that’s why the company is not compelled to mention it in the label. You’re therefore finely tricked into believing that you’re buying the freshest beef.


2. Canned Mushroom

Canned mushrooms
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Okay, this may seriously turn your stomach. When you buy a can of mushrooms, you are bound to buy a side of maggots and mites with it. It’s just inevitable because they are heavily attracted to mushrooms. So, what does FDA do? It determines the right amount of mites you can probably consume. Although it may not kill you, it still is pretty gross to eat something that can most often be decomposed!

3. Beer


What could be more vegetarian than a glass of beer? Turns out that’s not always the case. For all those strict vegetarians, the beer you consume may sometimes be filtered through a gelatin made of fish bladder, called Isinglass. And we say ‘sometimes’ because a lot of breweries recognize the problem and are getting rid of the non-vegetarian filter.


4. Jelly beans

Jelly Beans
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The thing that gives your chewy and tasty jelly beans it’s shine and tautness was actually replaced by vinyl for electrical insulation. Yes, we’re sorry to be spoiling your Easter fun, but you still have chocolates to go for. The jelly beans you have loved so much contain lac bug secretion called shellac that give the beans the gleam. The same secretion can be used to give your nails and floors a polish!

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