10 Things Only People Who Grew Up In The ’70s Will Relate To


If you’re someone who grew up in the 1970s, this one’s for you. The 70s was a notorious time for growing out your hair really big and jamming to some disco tunes. There is so much more to the 70s than big hair and music though.

The 70s was an iconic time for many different things in life from home decor, to clothing, to magazines. It’s as simple as playing with your friends outside until dark with no worry or pet rocks still being a thing that everyone did! Here are 10 things only people who grew up in the 70s will remember. Cue the nostalgia.


1. Playing your Atari console


Atari was really the first console that started the whole ‘gaming console’ trend. It’s what paved the way for today’s PlayStation and Xbox.

2. Running your hands through your parents’ shag carpet

shag carpet
Carpets in Dalton

Shag carpets were the best and comfiest places to sit when it was time to watch some TV with the family. Some would argue it’s still the best place to sit, that is if you’re a 70s kid.


3. Staying up late to watch some of the first SNL episodes ever

chevy chase

Back when Chevy Chase was just trying to make a living and Saturday Night Live wasn’t considered a household TV show just yet. My, how times have changed!

4. Having a huge crush on David Cassidy

Tiny Mix Tapes

If you grew up watching The Partridge Family, you remember how dreamy David Cassidy was. That smile!

5. Sporting a color-changing mood ring

The Enchanted Forest Shop

Mood rings are still a thing, but back then we’re sure people took them pretty seriously. Whether your mood ring was blue, green, or even black meant serious business.

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