In 2003, an off-Broadway, a;-male production of the show called The Golden Girls: Live! started showing. The play drew the attention of one of the TV show’s original creators, Susan Harris, who demanded production be stopped. A couple months later, the all-male cast was out of work when the production ceased.

34. A Stroke Of Racism

Toronto Star

Because Sophia had had a stroke earlier in life, the writers thought it’d be safer to give her any controversial racist lines that could be explained because of the ailment. It was an effective tool, but horribly, horribly wrong to do.

35. Everything Came Up Roses For Betty White


Betty White’s Rose Nylund was so well received the character made several guest appearances on other TV shows, including “Empty Nest” in 1988, “Nurses” in 1991, and “The Golden Palace” in 1992.