Somebody Uncovered The Original Taco Bell Menu, And You Will Be Surprised Of The History Behind It


The Taco Bell menu sure has changed a lot in 50 years!

1. The Original Taco Bell

Before they were putting quesadillas in burritos and surrounding taco meat with Dorito shells, the geniuses behind Taco Bell kept it simple. It first opened in the early 1960s with one stucco shop in Downey, CA.


2. Simple Menu

The main menu items were tacos, burritos, frijoles (beans and cheese) and tostadas, and they all cost 19 cents each. Pictured here is Kermit Becky, Taco Bell’s very first franchisee.

3. The Bellburger

The Bellburger was a sort of Mexican-style sloppy joe: taco meat, cheese and spicy sauce on a hamburger bun. Unfortunately, this delectable mess disappeared from menus in the late ’70s.


4. Old School

This vintage photo is super rad! And, if you look closely, it’s complete with a pronunciation guide for the Enchirito (EN-CHI-REE-TOH). Fresh.


5. The Big Dance

Ah, the good ol’ days! Taco Bell was a viable pre-dance date restaurant and men’s suits were pastel and/or covered in optical illusions.


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