Whatever Happened To Mike Lookinland, Bobby Brady On ‘The Brady Bunch?’

Whatever Happened to Mike Lookinland

Mike Lookinland is best known for playing the youngest Brady of the Bunch, Bobby. These days he’s pretty much out of the spotlight and generally doesn’t seek it out. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that he started acting so young.  Before he was cast as Bobby on The Brady Bunch, he was a successful commercial actor, appearing in about 30 commercials from the ages of 7 to 9.

He didn’t always have the easiest time behind-the-scenes on The Brady Bunch. For starters, his hair color was supposed to look more like Peter (Christopher Knight) and Greg (Barry Williams), so they dyed his hair dark brown and straightened it. Sometimes, the lights on set would cause the dye to run down his face. Can you imagine dealing with that as a child?


What happened to Mike Lookinland?

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Bobby Brady / ABC

Despite some challenges, Mike appeared in all of the sequels and spinoffs to the original series. After The Brady Bunch ended, He continued to act for a while, appearing in movies such as The Towering Inferno (1974) and shows like the Saturday morning series The Secrets of Isis. While his acting credits aren’t extensive, he will always be remembered as Bobby Brady.

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Mike Lookinland / Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

Last year, he reunited with the cast on A Very Brady Renovation. However, these days he doesn’t act much and owns a business that makes decorative concrete in Salt Lake City. He previously tried his hand at camera operation.

Mike has been married to Kelly Wermuth since 1987 and they have two sons together.

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