Disney World’s Splash Mountain Boat Sinks, Guests Claim They Were Told To Stay Inside


The iconic Splash Mountain ride recently made a ‘splash’ in other ways. In a viral video, the boat sank and guests claim that they were told to stay inside the boat. A Twitter user shares the video, showing the log flume seats submerged in water.

“So we got out of our boat because it was sinking while we were stuck there and the Disney World employee decided to tell us that we should’ve stayed in the boat but it went under as soon as we all stepped out… nice #DisneyWorld #splashmountain #MagicKingdom #disney not okay????” the caption reads.


Splash Mountain boat sinks, guests claim an employee told them to stay inside the sinking boat

The video has since been viewed almost 400k times with almost 3k shares and about 700 comments at the time of writing this. The Twitter user says she and the rest of the guests knew they had to “get out quick” once the boat started sinking. Other Twitter users who happened to be in the log flume during that time also shared their experiences.

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Other guests share their experiences

“Not to mention homegirl sat there and yelled at us basically for jumping out of a sinking boat, like what were we supposed to do, sit there be like ‘we good,'” one user shares.

“Before and after (my boyfriend and I were in the back seats),” another user says, sharing photos from the ride that day.


Disney World had endured a 4-month closure Orlando’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom opened on July 11th. Epcot and Hollywood Studios followed on July 15th. People have been responding to the incident with Splash Mountain online, agreeing with the guests who fled the ride. “Omggggggggh. Glad you got out. Like, so, they just wanted you to sit underwater until they showed up?!” one person responds. 

Disney World's Splash Mountain Boat Sinks, Guests Claim They Were Told To Stay Inside
Splash Mountain / Courtesy of Disney

Another writes, “Yeah I would have gotten out too. It’s natural for humans to try and escape what seems to be a dangerous situation. @WaltDisneyWorld get control of your cast members and parks. They are on a serious power trip backed by their union. You look foolish.”

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