Younger People Are Now Dressing Like ‘Anne Of Green Gables’

Young people are dressing up like Anne of Green Gables
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As the world changes rapidly, more and more people are thinking about simpler times. Even fashion can be a way to feel nostalgic and more relaxed. The fashion trend called “cottagecore” is having its moment on social media. Younger generations are dressing up in vintage outfits. The outfits are very reminiscent of Anne of Green Gables.

So, what exactly is “cottagecore?” If you’re unfamiliar with Anne of Green Gables, many of the characters wore prairie dresses and other vintage styles. They may also wear straw hats, flowers in their hair, and flowy outfits. In photos on Instagram, many of the young people wearing these outfits are posing in fields of flowers and greenery.


Young people are now wearing “cottagecore” clothing

anne of green gables movie
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According to Amelia Ansink, accessories editor for Fashion Snoops, the pandemic has pushed some into more sustainable options like vintage clothing. She said, “Sustainability and a do-it-yourself ethos are key when it comes to clothing and accessories for this movement. A strong aesthetic influence comes from the popular prairie revival, think 1970s Laura Ashley or Gunne Sax, alongside domestic pastimes like patchwork, quilting, knitting, and needlepoint.”

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“Nobody is ever too old to dream. And dreams never grow old.” ― L.M. Montgomery I didn't initially plan to do this shoot to be reminiscent of Anne of Green Gables, but I feel as though if you're a redhead, put your hair in braids & clothe yourself in a flowy linen dress & a straw hat, you're guaranteed to be compared to Anne. When "Anne with an E" came out on Netflix my parents urged me to watch it. They kept saying "she reminds us so much of you when you were a young girl." As soon as I started watching the show, I found the similarities uncanny… not to mention the series starts out with her reading a quote of "Jane Eyre" (for those of you who don't know, it's my favorite novel of all time). As a young girl, I could be headstrong & obstinate at times with opinions that I wasn't afraid of voicing, which sometimes got me in trouble. But, I was just passionate about what I believed in & I fought for what I thought was right. I daydreamt a lot & would be constantly imagining fantasy worlds. When I watched the show, I was constantly near tears with how much I could relate to this character. Anne can be stubborn, a bit dramatic, & can sometimes view the world with rose-colored glasses, but she is also fiercely loyal, passionate, imaginative, adventurous, & fiery. She's a dreamer & in love with fantasy & looks for the best in people. Although I’ve mellowed out a bit since I’ve gotten older, I still find it such an honor to be compared to such an empowering woman, even though she may be fictional. Do you have a fictional character that you're compared to? Do you have a favorite fictional character that you personally relate to? Dress: @sondeflor #mysondeflor

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She continued, “During the worldwide pandemic and long periods of stay-at-home orders, the movement accelerated rapidly as people looked for an escape from our dark reality. Cottagecore unintentionally represents the ideal quarantine life, where isolation in nature is strived for and everything we need can be produced at home and by our own hands.”

Even if you chose not to wear these types of clothes, just looking at the photos can be nostalgic. If you enjoy Anne of Green Gables or that time period, many of the photos look very beautiful. What do you think of this trend?

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