Did Your Teacher Have One of These In Their Classrooms?

Does this tool look familiar to you?
Does this tool look familiar to you? / Canva / PxHere

Simple problems often prove the most frustrating and tedious. Fortunately, a lot of them have simple, ingenious solutions. How many people saw the orderly chalkboard with long, straight lines stretching from left to right? A lot of teachers found use in having long lines across their chalkboard. Sometimes it helped with writing skills. Meanwhile, music teachers had an easy time writing notes. Helping them was the vintage chalk holder.

Teachers weren’t the only ones using this tool, though. Students got great use out of them too. Certainly, having a uniform blackboard helped educate, but students could also use it to get writing assignments done quickly. Do you remember seeing a teacher using this handy chalk holder?


Wooden chalk holders like these kept everything straight

Years ago, kids had to learn handwriting skills both in their notebooks and on the board. Later, typing classes took over, but for now, the chalkboard saw a lot of important uses. Students could practice handwriting for composition classes. Math courses enjoyed an orderly grid for fractions, graphs, and so on. And music teachers especially appreciated the ability to easily put together a music staff as needed.

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All these useful tools included was a wood block and some very stiff wiring that held usually around four or five pieces of chalk. With the chalk held securely in place, teachers could easily get lines that would always be perfectly parallel and equidistant from one another. Good thing too. Students can get distracted in class enough without focusing on a line tilted differently than its neighbor.

Students used them too

Many remember seeing chalk holders in their classrooms - and some still use it
Many remember seeing chalk holders in their classrooms – and some still use it / Facebook Screenshot

If and when students did get distracted, though, they received some reprimand or punishment. Those punishments often consisted of lines. Interestingly, that’s when it turns out teachers aren’t the only ones who got creative with the chalk holder in classes. Students used them too, and not always for some classwork-related assignment. Stories like these cropped up when users were asked online if they remember this tool.


In some cases, they became very easy ways to write lines quickly. The whole punishment behind lines involves tedious repetition to reach some very high amount of times a sentence has been written. Positioning this chalk holder correctly would let a student get four or five lines done using all the effort of just one. Say a teacher demands 100 lines. With one of these, that becomes just 20 to 25 times instead! Today it’s more common to see individual holders so the user doesn’t get their fingers dusty. Check the video below for more on that. Did you have classes in a classroom with a vintage wooden holder that could secure four or five pieces of chalk at once? What did your teacher use it for?

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