Research Shows Top Baby Name Of 2020 Is Virus-Themed…Can You Guess The Name?

Research Shows Top Baby Name Of 2020 Is Virus-Themed...Can You Guess The Name_

Baby names are always coming and going in popularity, but there’s one specific baby name that is making the top lists for the year 2020. Can you guess what it is? It’s virus-themed, so I’m pretty sure you have a good idea. The baby name “Corona” is the 100th most popular name for baby girls in the United States, according to reports.

Despite this news, there is actually little detail on why parents would decide to name their child after COVID-19. But it’s basically the theme of 2020, so that could just be the reason alone. Last year’s most popular baby names with Sophia (for girls) and Liam (for boys) and this year’s top #1 names are Mila and Braxton. Could Corona give them a run for their money?


Corona, and other coronavirus-related baby names

new top baby name of 2020 is Corona
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Corona isn’t the only virus-themed baby name that is trending in the top lists right now. There is also Corona Kumar and Covid Marie. This came after two babies that were born in 2020 earned these names. Yes, for real. When asked why they named their children after the coronavirus, the parents reply: “To remind us that [the virus] did not only bring us suffering. Despite all of this, a blessing came to us.”

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A pair of parents in Rajasthan, India also named their newborn son Lockdown, which is something we’ve heard time and time again recently. The father responds, “I named him after Lockdown as we all are reeling under [the virus]. In my view, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the right step to impose lockdown in the entire nation to save us from the deadly virus. My boy will remind everyone to take precautions against [the virus], to save themselves and the nation.”

A trend to follow

new top baby name corona 2020
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Another mom also opted to name her baby Covid Bryant, which takes after two major events that happened this year. The tragic deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant and, obviously, the coronavirus pandemic. Reports also say that parents are open for shortened versions of coronavirus-related names that sound traditional. Tina (for quarantine), Demi (as a nod to pandemic), or even Rhona.


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