This Terrifying Fan Theory About ‘Willy Wonka’ Is Surprisingly Believable

This Terrifying Fan Theory About 'Willy Wonka' Is Surprisingly Believable
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Some shows and movies often have a massive cult following. So much that fans make up their own theories based on the shows’ characters. A fan theory began circulating online about Willy Wonka and it’s actually pretty horrifying how believable it is. We all know Willy Wonka is the incredible chocolatier who hides golden tickets in the wrappers of his chocolate bars for children to find. However, a fan theory makes this sweet and innocent story into something a whole lot darker.

The theory alleges that the chocolatier is actually a killer, luring all the children to their deaths. Sounds crazy, right? Just wait. You might end up believing it by the time you’re finished reading.


Learn more about this dark and twisted fan theory… that makes sense!

dark fan theory about willy wonka
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This dark fan theory is explained on “Enraged by the deception of his workers and the incessant spying of his competitors, and turned insane by years of self-imposed alienation, Willy Wonka decided to take his vengeance in Angry Deity style by murdering some of the world’s children in a fiendishly complex plot.”

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The site continues, “He intended all of the calamities that befall the children in the factory – hence his obvious apathy for their fates, and planned their punishment in a Saw-like skewed morality tale.”

“It was all carefully planned”

dark fan theory willy wonka
Willy Wonka / Giphy

When you think about it, it’s true that Willy Wonka doesn’t seem disturbed or panicked in the slightest about children being sucked up or whisked away somewhere. So, why did Charlie get off scot-free? Well, the fan theory suggests that Wonka wanted to make Charlie the heir to his evil throne. This would explain Wonka wanting to give the entire factory to Charlie and his family to run when he’s gone.

As for proof, the website states, “How else did the Oompa-Loompas have pre-prepared and heavily choreographed song and dance routines including the names of the victims? It was all carefully planned.”

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