Kellogg’s Has Redesigned Toucan Sam And Fans Aren’t Happy With It

Kellogg's Has Redesigned Toucan Sam And Fans Aren't Happy With It

Kellogg’s has officially given the Froot Loops mascot, Toucan Sam, a makeover! But, fans are not too happy with the new design. Toucan Sam has been an instantly recognizable animated figure for the Froot Loops brand since 1968. The new design shows the lovable toucan looking much brighter, crisper, and definitely a lot more cartoonish. People took to social media to express how they feel about the new design.

Manuel R. Vega is the creator behind the original Toucan Sam. Mel Blanc, who voiced the original Bugs Bunny, also voiced the toucan in its first appearances. Paul Frees would replace Blanc, giving Sam his more recognizable English accent. After Frees passed away in 1986, Maurice LaMarche has been in charge of bringing life to the toucan through his voice.


The new and improved(?) Toucan Sam

So, what are fans saying? One person says, “I initially mistook the new Toucan Sam as a screenshot from some Gumball parody episode I assumed I had missed.” Another writes, “Someone at Kellogg’s thought it was a good idea to not have Toucan Sam’s redesign contain a beak mouth.” One fan tries their hand at recreating the makeover, but better. “Tried my hand and re-designing that new Toucan Sam. Got rid of the awful human teeth, the solid black line-art, noodle wings, paws, and the over saturated colors. While still trying to stick with the modern chibi cartoon design.”


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What’s everyone’s verdict? Do you prefer the new makeover or the old, original look? Coming from a nostalgia standpoint (DYR’s specialty) we have to go with the old/original design. Nothing beats the original in our eyes! Will the new design live on or will Kellogg’s go back to the original design?

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What do you think?

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