Turns Out That Young People Love Nostalgia, Too — Here’s Why

Young people love nostalgia too

Of course, every generation and person is nostalgic in some way, but we tend to think that teens and young adults aren’t as interested in nostalgia as the rest of us. That doesn’t seem to be true these days! In the past few years, many nostalgic products have popped up, and marketers seem to realize how much people love to look back on the past.

Social media and streaming services also play a big role in young people’s nostalgia. For instance, Facebook has a feature that allows you to look back on your memories from that day. Streaming services like the new Disney+ bring back favorite movies from childhood. All of these evoke the cozy and safe feeling that nostalgia often brings.


Young people love nostalgic products

young man watching television
Young man watching tv / Public Domain Pictures

Music is another way to look back on the past. Young people have even brought back listening to records on a record player. Think about some of your favorite songs from your childhood or teen years. It is a great way to look back and have fun memories from when you were younger.

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Now, with the Internet, it is easier than ever to get nostalgic. You can research clothing, music, movies, television shows, and much more with a few clicks of a button. Then we look back on our lives, often with a skewed positive view. Feeling nostalgic can also relieve stress and anxiety, which seems more common in young people today.

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Record Player / Walmart

Nostalgia often impacts someone going through a life change more than they would any other time. For example, a young person who just graduated from college and moved to a new city for work may wind down at night watching Friends because it eases their anxious thoughts and feelings.

1990s style jacket
’90s jacket / Vintage Clothing Wholesale

Of course, nostalgia still affects all of us in some way, but it can be interesting to see the feeling growing amongst younger people. What do you think? Do your children and grandchildren seem to love nostalgia more than you did as a teen or young adult?

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