You Should Never Eat This Item At A Food Buffet

The one thing you should always skip at a food buffet
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All-you-can-eat buffets can be an inexpensive way to stuff your face with delicious food. However, depending on the establishment, food safety can be an issue. Of course, there are different types of buffets, ranging from the inexpensive to the very fancy and expensive.

Unfortunately, they can all be gross. Not to mention all of the people that might cough, sneeze, or touch the food before you. Even if that doesn’t gross you out, there is one item you should never eat at a buffet.


Just don’t eat the crab at a buffet

crab legs
Crab legs / Flickr

Skip the crab legs! On Reddit, someone asked questions to the owner of a buffet restaurant. One question was, “What is one item you would advise people to stay away from at an all-you-can-eat buffet?” The owner said it was the crab legs because many buffets buy cheap and they are not fresh! They also said that many restaurants don’t steam them properly to save money and time.

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Oysters / Flickr

Another thing to avoid at buffets? Oysters, especially if you live in an area that they are not local. All shellfish are easily spoiled and is one of the top causes of food poisoning. Just be safe and skip it at a buffet.

Do you ever eat at buffet restaurants? Do you skip any foods there? One tip is to look up reviews before you dine! You can find out which foods or places to avoid completely.

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