FedEx Driver Sanitizes Package Being Delivered To Girl With Autoimmune Disorder

FedEx Driver Sanitizes Package Being Delivered To Girl With Autoimmune Disorder
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A FedEx driver is being praised after they kindly disinfected a package being delivered to a young girl’s home who has an autoimmune disorder. “We have a sign on our door for packages/mail as our 11 year old daughter is a type 1 diabetic [and] our federal express delivery guy wrote this on our box: ‘I sanitized your box once I’ve seen the note on your door,’” says Carrie Blasi on Twitter, showing everyone the kindness of this delivery worker.

“You can tell that he used sanitizer wipes on the box. Amazing!!!” Blasi adds. You can definitely tell from the streaks on the box that it had been entirely wiped down and disinfected. The whole thing was caught on Blasi’s security camera as well. It shows the driver reading the message, heading back to their truck, and coming back with some wipes. He then wipes down the entire package with the disinfecting wipes, then writes a note for the family, and returns to the vehicle.


Girl with autoimmune disorder is a type 1 diabetic, delivery man makes sure everything is wiped clean

Blasi explains to PEOPLE why she shared this moment online. “I wanted to encourage others to be kind and helpful, especially during this time,” she says. After several local news outlets picked up this story, the two were able to meet virtually. “One of the FedEx delivery guy’s friends found me on Facebook, and we were able to connect with them via video conference,” Blasi shares.

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“He is such a good natured man,” Blasi says, revealing that the delivery man’s daughter was also high risk. It’s so nice to see such a heartwarming story of compassion and hope! Check out the full footage below, which shows the delivery worker sanitizing the entire box before delivering.

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