Tim Allen Offers Up Spacesuit With Get Well Wish To Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson

Tim Allen makes Toy Story joke when sending get well wishes to Tom Hanks
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After Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson confirmed that they have coronavirus, their celebrity friends and fans alike are sending lots of get well wishes their way! Tom’s former Toy Story co-star Tim Allen made a joke about spacesuits in his tweet out to the couple.

Tim shared a photo of his character from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear. He wrote, “I told Tom and Rita that Buzz offered a couple of spacesuits if they need them. Seriously rest up and get well!” This was the second message that Tim sent to Tom and Rita.


Tim Allen offers up a spacesuit for Tom Hanks amid coronavirus quarantine

When he first heard the news, Tim said, “Woody, I should have made you two wear my spacesuits! You and Rita rest and get well!” On Wednesday, Tom shared a post confirming that he and wife Rita had tested positive for coronavirus while in Australia.

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tom hanks rita wilson coronavirus
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson / Instagram

Many other celebrities and fans send get well wishes to Tom and Rita! They shared an update that they are doing well and taking the necessary precautions. They will likely be in quarantine for the next week or so. Get well soon, Tom and Rita!

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