Kelly Ripa Receives Nostalgic Donny And Marie Dolls From A Fan

Kelly Ripa receives Donny and Marie Osmond dolls from a fan

Kelly Ripa receives fan mail often, but one gift got her really excited! A fan named Debbie Gallagher sent her some classic Donny and Marie Osmond dolls! Kelly admitted that she loved the dolls as a kid and played with them often. She even joked they were “her best friends.”

Kelly said, “I got something in the mail … once in a while something happens when I jump out of my skin from excitement. I open this package from a woman named Debbie Gallagher. … She said nice very nice things, and I think all women of a certain age — we all feel connected to each other.”


Kelly Ripa receives Donny and Marie dolls from a fan

donny and marie osmond dolls
Donny and Marie dolls / Facebook

She continued, “[Debbie] was in an estate sale and she found these Donny and Marie Osmond dolls. As a kid this was basically my life — this is what I talked about, fantasied about … this is who I played with … these were my best friends.”

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kelly ripa ryan seacrest donny and marie osmond dolls
Kelly and Ryan / YouTube

Lastly, she said, “She picked these up for me and they’re still in the box. Shoutout to Andy Cohen — if you want to come play with Donny and Marie later … Thank you very much! This is amazing!”

Donny saw the clip on Live with Kelly and Ryan and tweeted, “Didn’t expect to see myself on
@livekellyryan today. @KellyRipa & Debbie, I’m glad to see you 2 enjoying those dolls. Kelly, next time I’m in NY, I’d love to sign the box for you. I may have to break out that purple outfit for old time’s sake.😜”

kelly ripa ryan seacrest donny and marie osmond dolls
Kelly Ripa / YouTube

Marie also tweeted, “Oh my gosh Kelly this made my day! 🥰♥️👈,” after seeing the story!

Do you remember these Donny and Marie dolls? Did you have them as a kid? It would sure be fun to own them once again! If you have some and would like to make some cash, you can sell them on eBay. It seems the set in good condition can go for over $100.

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