Crazy Rules That Passengers On A Disney Cruise Have To Follow

Crazy rules you have to follow on a Disney cruise

If you are thinking about heading on a Disney cruise anytime in the near future, you may want to read this. Disney cruises can be very fun, but the fun does not come without some interesting rules. Of course, Disney is known for having very strict rules at times.

These rules are especially important if you are bringing along children. Before you set sail, you should know what you can and cannot do. You should also know a few things that are prohibited onboard. Learn some of the craziest rules set by Disney on their cruises:


1. The Kid’s Club takes only 3-year-olds and up

disney cruise kids club
Kid’s Club / Facebook

One parent said their child was 12 days away from turning 3 years old and the Kid’s Club members would not allow her to come in.

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2. There are certain things you can’t bring

pool toys
Pool toys / Flickr

Some of these include pool toys or noodles, bottle warmers/sterilizers, and video games that you need a television for.

3. You cannot use tape on the door of your room

cruise ship door decorations
Door decorations / Facebook

Many people like to put up photos from home or decorate their door so others can find them. Disney prohibits tape on the door to your room, but you can use magnetic signs.

4. Many restaurants have dress codes

disney cruise french restaurant remy
Remy / Facebook

If you go to the Italian restaurant, Palo on board or the French restaurant, Remy, there are dress codes. For Palo, women have to wear a dress, a skirt, or pants with a blouse. Men have to wear dress pants or slacks with a collared shirt. For Remy, they prohibit flip flops, sandals, and shorts. There is one evening where no tank tops are allowed either. Strange!

5. You may not be able to eat with who you want to eat with

disney cruise italian restaurant palo
Palo / Facebook

Apparently, you need to specify who you want to eat with at the time of booking. If you aren’t going with a large group, you might get stuck with people you don’t like.

6. You have to sign a paper that says you’re not sick

disney cruise ship
Disney Cruise / Facebook

Many passengers have said before they could board, they had to sign a paper saying that they did not have a fever, cough, and other symptoms.

What other crazy rules have you encountered on cruise ships or more specifically, Disney cruise lines?


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