12 Hilariously Strict Style Rules Women Had To Follow In The 1960s


You don’t have to be a brainiac to know that women’s roles in society have gracefully evolved over the years. But it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows back in the day.

Back in the 1960s, rules were so strict for women that they were almost laughable. We can’t help but reflect and thank heavens that we no longer need to follow these silly rules!


1. Stay away from bold/daring looks

vintage fashion

The epitome of ’60s style was ‘bold’ and ‘daring,’ yet women were discouraged from taking on looks that were too bold.

2.  Don’t overdo it with the makeup


While not many women overdid it with the makeup in the 60s, too much ‘clown makeup’ was discouraged.


3. Carry small bags (big bags would scare off men)

Wicker Paradise

I feel like this one MUST be an urban legend. If this were relevant in today’s world, there would sure be a lot of single women.

4. Keep your location in mind when it comes to your outfit


This one could potentially stand true today. Remembering to wear the appropriate attire for your location and activity is useful! But I would imagine it was a bit more ridiculous back then.

5. Never wear blue shoes… unless they’re navy blue

navy blue shoes

But… they’re still blue. Maybe it caused bad luck?

6. Keep it tight


This was definitely more a fashion rule than anything. Keep your girdle tight to your body, ladies! It’s mandatory that we see flawless curves, right?

7. Don’t make a scene while fixing your garter

Wikimedia Commons

Apparently back in the day you couldn’t fix yourself from flashing everyone in sight. Do you want us to be modest or not, society?

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