6 ‘Foreign’ Foods That Are Surprisingly From America

There are some foods that seem like they are from a different country but they were actually first created in America. Weird, right? Here is a list of some foods that may surprise you because they were first cooked up in the United States. Hint: your Chinese takeout may be more American than you think.

1. Fortune cookies

fortune cookies
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Fortune cookies may come with your Chinese food, but they aren’t from China! They were actually made in California in 1914. They were founded by someone from Japan.

2. German chocolate cake

german chocolate cake
Wikimedia Commons

German chocolate cake gets its name from the baker who created it, Sam German from Boston. He created a new type of baking chocolate in 1852 and in 1952, a cake using that chocolate was made popular so they named it a German chocolate cake.

3. Garlic bread

garlic bread
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You think of garlic bread being served with a nice Italian meal, but it was actually first made in Michigan. Cole’s Breads sold the first frozen garlic bread in 1970, but rumors are it started in World War II when soldiers requested toast with garlic and margarine.

4. Chimichangas

Wikimedia Commons

Chimichangas are a classic Mexican food, right? They were actually first made in Arizona when a burrito accidentally got into some frying oil. Apparently, the chef who made this “mistake” blurted out “chimichanga” and the name stuck.

5. Russian dressing

russian dressing

Russian dressing is only named this because it contains caviar, a popular ingredient in Russia. It was actually a grocer in New Hampshire who cooked up this popular salad dressing.

6. The Cuban sandwich

cuban sandwich

This popular sandwich is actually from Florida. They were started as a cheap lunch for Cuban immigrants working in Florida in the 1800s, but were so good it has become a staple on most restaurant menus today.

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