Chemo Patient And His Nurse Sing Stunning Rendition Of “O Holy Night” Together

Chemo Patient And His Nurse Sing Stunning Rendition Of _O Holy Night_ Together

A heartwarming and stunning rendition of the holiday song “O Holy Night” was sung by a chemo patient and his nurse. The video has over 130,000 views and it’s no wonder why. The pair sound absolutely incredible together! Penn Pennington is a longtime guitarist from Nashville and had played at the Grand Ole Opry for 23 years.

His nurse at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center goes by the name of Alex. When she finds out Pennington is a guitarist, she brings in her guitar and convinces him to do a duet with her! This would lead to bedside performances, as Pennington lay in bed strumming the guitar and harmonizing to Alex’s melodies.


Chemo patient and nurse sing “O Holy Night”

chemo patient sings "o holy night" with nurse
Penn and Alex / Courtesy of Brandi Mykle Leath

The video was recorded by Penn’s daughter, Brandi Mykle Leath. Many people have been watching the video and expressing their thoughts, mostly positive. One person says, “This was really beautiful – I hope you were able to sing again for everyone on the floor, so uplifting!” Another person says, “This is amazing!!! I also work in the medical field and I have sang with several of my patients. This just shows that nurses go above and beyond….. I wish we seen more of this in the world….. I hope to see more videos of him and the nurse singing!!!!”

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To listen to the entire song, watch the video below. Try not to get chills from the impressive harmonies and skills present in the performance! An absolutely stunning rendition and well wish to Penn Pennington for good health in the new year!

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