‘Gilligan’s Island’ First Aired 55 Years Ago — This Is What The Cast Is Up To Now


Natalie Schafer (Lovey Howell)

natalie schafer lovey howell
Lovey Howell and Natalie Schafer / CBS and Wikipedia

She played Thurston’s wife, who depended on his money. She started her career on Broadway and later moved to films. Natalie appeared as a guest star on many shows after Gilligan’s Island including Mayberry RFD and The Brady Bunch. She also died from cancer at the age of 90 in 1991.

Tina Louise (Ginger)

tina louise ginger
Ginger and Tina Louise / CBS and Facebook

She played the movie star Ginger and was always ready to entertain the other passengers. She did not appear in any of the Gilligan’s Island spin-offs and sequels. Tina is still a working actress and most recently appears in the film Tapestry with Stephen Baldwin.


Russell Johnson (The Professor)

russell johnson the professor
The Professor and Russell Johnson / CBS and IMDb

He played a high school science teacher. Later, he appeared in Dynasty, Beyond Westworld, and The Jeffersons. Sadly, he also died in 2014 from kidney disease. He was 89 years old.

Dawn Wells (Mary Ann)

dawn wells mary ann
Mary Ann and Dawn Wells / CBS and Facebook

She played the sweet girl who gave advice to everyone and cooked great meals with what she had. Later she appeared in some movies and shows but also had a successful theatrical career. She now teaches acting and runs a clothing line for people with disabilities called Wishing Wells Collections.


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