Marie Osmond Shared An Adorable Photo Of Her Grandchildren On Easter

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Marie Osmond has had a very successful career, but she says that her most coveted position is being a grandmother. Marie has eight children and three grandchildren and has always proved that family comes first. Of course, since she came from a famous family and still works closely with her brother Donny.

Marie doesn’t often share that many photos of her personal life, so we were very excited to get a glimpse on Easter! She shared a photo of her three adorable grandkids this past Easter Sunday. The photo was of the three children sitting near a beautiful Easter-themed cake, that looked like an Easter basket with goodies inside!


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According to Closer Weekly, Marie has said, “I am the happiest I have ever been! Out of all the awards and accolades that I have been blessed with throughout my life, nothing comes close in comparison with the blessings I receive from being a mother to my eight children and grandma of three.”

She also said that she loves experiencing their childhood with them because she herself did not have a normal childhood. She was performing and on the road with her talented family. While I am sure she does not regret her success, it would be hard to not have those important childhood experiences.

The Osmonds became popular in the ’60s and the ’70s. One of their most popular songs was called “One Bad Apple” and was No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1971. She later went on to have a successful career with her brother Donny. They recently announced that they are ending their Las Vegas residency after 11 years!

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On Wednesday, allergies attacked me and I lost my voice so I couldn’t do the show! 😫 So many from our audiences travel from all over the world to see us perform @FlamingoVegas, so when I can’t perform for them, it breaks my heart! 💔 To all of you who came to the Wednesday show and only got to see Donny on stage,😳 I know…. #HeNeedsMe!!! 😉😜🤣😘 That night while I was laying in bed, I couldn’t speak, so it gave me another chance to listen to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints #GeneralConference (I told you about it last Sunday). There is always one talk that touches my heart deeply or answers a question I have been pondering. This time, it was Sharon Eubank’s message as she spoke about light. She has a perfect view of the #LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah from her office window, and every night, like clockwork, the lights would come on. But one night in February the lights didn’t go on for some reason. Then this statement she made went straight to my heart. “Seeing darkness where I expected to see light reminded me that one of the fundamental needs we have in order to grow, is to stay connected to our source of light — Jesus Christ. He is the source of our power, the Light and Life of the World. Without a strong connection to Him we begin to spiritually die.” As we make Him the center of our lives, we will stand in His glorious light and feel His power… then… we can do all the things we need to do! He will help us when we are tired, overwhelmed and even unsure of where we fit in. Go to my Facebook page or to read more! May we keep the light of Christ burning within us, reminding us that the Lord knows how hard we are trying. His message is, we are not alone: His very name, Emmanuel, means, “God with us”. He is light, hope and love and I love this statement that Christ offers us, “Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive, knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” #HappySunday #RememberHimDaily

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Marie credits her mother, Olive Osmond, for teaching her to always put family first. She says that she measures her true success by whether or not she can say she is a happy mother and grandmother. If she is happy, she knows she is successful because she is putting her family first. If she is unhappy, she knows she has to change things up a bit!

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Watch the video below about Marie talking about ending the Las Vegas residency and how she will have more grandkids soon:

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