Pink Is “Letting Go” As She Shaves Off All Her Hair In New Photo

Pink Is _Letting Go_ As She Shaves Off All Her Hair In New Photo

For years, singer Pink has rocked an adorable, short, blonde look with a little ‘poof’ on the top of her head. Now, she says she is “letting go” in the caption of a new photo where Pink shaves her hair off and she is holding the pieces of hair in her hands. This comes shortly after her daughter, Willow, changed her hairstyle a bit to look just like her mom with the side of her head shaved.

Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, have both been extremely supportive of their children doing what they want in how they choose to express themselves. “Remember everyone, fly your own flag. There is no box to be put in. It’s better to be your own self. Own it, and love it. And if anyone has a problem with it, tell them (politely) to move on,” Carey writes alongside a photo of his daughter getting her haircut just like mom.


Pink shaves her hair off in new photo

pinks shaves off all her hair
Pink / Instagram

Carey continues the heartfelt comment for his daughter; “Can’t wait to see the woman you grow up to be. I have a feeling you are gonna be strong, fierce, companionate, and caring. I’m so proud of you, Willow.” Sounds like she is planning on following in mama’s footsteps and has two very supportive, loving parents to boot! Do you think she looks like her famous mom with this awesome hairstyle?

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Raising their kids to love themselves as they are

pink shaves off all her hair
Pink’s daughter Willow / Instagram

Pink’s support and love for her children has not been glossed over whatsoever. Back in 2017, she used her daughter in her acceptance speech during the MTV Video Music Awards. She discusses body image and how her daughter would tell her, “I’m the ugliest girl I know” and that she “looks like a boy with long hair.”

Of course, the award-winning singer tells her daughter that she is beautiful no matter what.  “When people make fun of me they say I look like a boy or I’m too masculine or I’m too outspoken. Do you see me growing my hair? Do you see me changing my body?” Then she asks the question, “Do you see me selling out arenas all over the world?” Pink says to her daughter, “Baby girl, we don’t change.” She also mentions legendary artists like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Janis Joplin, George Michael, and Elton John. “We take the gravel in the shell and make a pearl. We help other people to change, so they can see all kinds of beauty.”

pink shaves off all her hair
Pink and her family / Instagram

Way to go, Pink and Carey, for supporting your kiddos!

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