The Best Cruise Lines For Your Family And Your Wallet

The best cruise lines for your money

Recently, U.S. News & World Report rounded up a list of the best cruise lines for 2020. They named Royal Caribbean International the best cruise line for your money. Celebrity Cruises (previously the number one spot) was number two, and the Norwegian Cruise Line was the third.

So, what were the factors that went into this list? They took a look at the list of amenities offered, the dining options, and a variety of itineraries at an affordable price point. The report took a look at 17 cruise lines and about 176 ships total. The ship’s quality, reputation, and health reports were also factored in the decision.


Full list of best cruise ships in 2020

royal caribbean international cruise
Royal Caribbean International / Wikipedia

Here is the full list, according to Market Watch:

For the money:
1. Royal Caribbean
2. Celebrity Cruises
3. Norwegian Cruises


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For luxury:
1. Viking Ocean Cruises
2. Seabourn Cruise Lines
3. Crystal Cruises

For Families:
1. Disney Cruise Line
2. Royal Caribbean International
3. Carnival Cruise Line

cruise ship
Cruise ship / Pixabay

For Couples:
1. Viking Ocean Cruises
2. Seabourn Cruise Lines
3. Crystal Cruises

In the Mediterranean
1. Seabourn Cruise Line
2. Crystal Cruises
3. Viking Ocean Cruises

In the Caribbean
1. Disney Cruise Line
2. Royal Caribbean International
3. Seabourn Cruise Line


How to save even more money on a cruise

Cruise line / Facebook

Ready to book a cruise but want to save even more money? While many cruise lines debut new ships often, don’t pay extra for it. The same companies will also upgrade their old ships. You will save lots of money by booking an older ship that has upgrades instead of a brand new one.

cruise ships
Cruise ships / Facebook

You can also save money by booking your cruise early in the year. Think January, February, or March. They tend to offer the best pricing then. According to Market Watch, “Savings can come in the form of discounted fares; add-ons like complimentary beverage packages or onboard credit that can be used for drinks, shore excursions or spa treatments; cabin upgrades or even free airfare – allowing travelers to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.”

If you’re not ready to book in those months, simply track the fares. Sign up to be alerted when prices drop. The prices for cruise lines rise and fall often, just like airlines. If you do a little research and sign up for alerts, you can save big time.

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