Do You Have Any Of These Vintage PEZ Dispensers That Are Worth Tons Of Money?


Do you remember getting new PEZ dispensers when you were young? Although they are still around, they are not quite as popular as they once were. If you collected them when you were a kid and still have them, it is time to get out your collection! Some vintage PEZ dispensers are now worth big bucks, for instance.

Especially if you own a very rare or limited edition PEZ dispenser, you should read the list below. Dust off your PEZ dispenser collection and see what you have. In addition, learn which vintage PEZ dispensers are worth a lot of cash these days.


1. Walt Disney Goofy

walt disney goofy pez dispenser
Goofy / eBay

The Goofy PEZ dispenser came out in 1979. If you have this version, you could rake in around $2,800! It would have to be in pretty good condition, which can be tough to find after so many decades.

2. Crazy Fruit Pineapple

crazy head pineapple pez dispenser
Pineapple / eBay

The pineapple was pulled from stores because of a child safety issue. If you kept one, you could make a little over $2,000.


3. Make A Face

make a face pez dispenser
Make a Face / eBay

Similar to Mr. Potato Head, this PEZ dispenser allowed you to make a face. It was released in 1972 and it is extremely rare to find one with all of the pieces intact. If you have one with all of the pieces, you could make around $4,000. In addition, this one was also pulled for child safety concerns because some of the pieces were so small.

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