Have Varicose Veins? Use This Simple Recipe To Get Rid Of Them

Learn the simple recipe to cure varicose veins at home

Varicose veins are a common issue. While they don’t really signify a large health problem, they can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Varicose veins can affect men and women and cost a fortune if you want to remove them at your doctor‘s office. You generally find them on your feet or legs.

Varicose veins can start from being overweight, blood clots, lack of exercise, trauma, or pregnancy. People who sit frequently are at the most risk. There are tons of “miracle cures” for just about everything online. We found one that seems to work for many people!


Get the simple and miraculous recipe to get rid of varicose veins below

varicose veins on legs
Varicose veins / Wikipedia

This is a home remedy that only contains two ingredients. To see results, you must be consistent. It may take about six weeks to see improvement and reduction of your varicose veins. You’ll need to find sheep’s milk and baby soap (bar, not liquid).

varicose veins illustrations
Varicose vein illustrations / Wikimedia Commons

Then you need to grate the baby soap in one cup of sheep’s milk. It should be raw. You do not need to boil it first. Then you should keep it in a glass container in the refrigerator after you’ve grated one baby soap in the milk. It should be fairly thick.


varicose veins
Varicose Veins / Flickr

So, how do you use it? You can get a towel wet with the mixture and use it as compression on the affected areas. You should also rub the mixture up and down the areas three times per day. This is not something that you can do once and see results. You must be consistent, but when you do, you may be amazed at the results!

Do you have varicose veins? Have you ever tried this method? Let us know if it works for you!

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