Dolly Parton Launches A New Amazon Store

Dolly Parton Launches A New Amazon Store

  • Dolly Parton announces a new Amazon store, selling merchandise from clothing to pop sockets.
  • This is just another thing to add to her list of accomplishments this year.
  • She recently performs as a guest of honor at the Newport Folk Festival and remains busy as ever.


Country music star Dolly Parton has just announced her newest venture; a new Amazon store! In a new tweet just yesterday, she posts the link directly to her online store. “I’m so excited to share my new Amazon store with y’all! Go on and pick yourself out somethin’ cute!” she says in the caption.

Parton is offering an array of items such as clothing and pop sockets for the back of your iPhones! The clothing consists of short sleeves, long sleeves, hoodies, and more!


Announcement of the new Amazon store

If you’re a fan of Dolly Parton and have been wanting to get some merchandise to support her, there is really no better time than now to do so! Especially from her own store! This announcement is the newest and latest task the singer has completed. She also made her debut as a NASCAR sponsor in April. She is also going to star in a Hallmark movie titled Christmas at Dollywood.


Fans are extremely excited for the newest Amazon store that Parton has released. However, a lot of the comments have been complaining that the items don’t ship anywhere outside of the United States. “Miss Dolly I love you why doesn’t this ship to Canada I was ready to blow my entire life savings,” someone says.

Another person chimes in, “Why @DollyParton why!? I just got paid and I’ve got bills but need all of it.” Hopefully, her team will add international shipping soon so everyone can get their daily dose of Dolly!

Let’s take a look at just some of the items available in her online store.

dolly parton tshirt
Dolly Parton t-shirt / Amazon

This Dolly Parton Western T-shirt comes in pink, black, yellow, grey, and white! It’s going for just $20 and if interested, you can click this direct link and purchase right now!

Dolly Parton sweatshirt
Dolly Parton Sweatshirt / Amazon

This Dolly Parton ’72 sweatshirt comes in black, navy, royal blue, dark grey, and light grey! This sweatshirt is going for about $35 and can be purchased here!


Dolly Parton long-sleeve
Dolly Parton long-sleeve / Amazon

This Dolly Parton long-sleeve tee is on sale for $25! It comes in black, navy, royal blue, dark grey, and light grey, just like the sweatshirts. Click here to buy!

We’re loving this new Dolly Parton merchandise! Will you be buying?

The country icon has been up to a lot lately! She was just performing at the Newport Folk Festival as the guest of honor. Get the inside scoop on all the details here!

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