Watch Chick-Fil-A Manager Change 96-Year-Old WWII Veteran’s Tire In Act Of Kindness


One Chick-fil-A manager sprang into action when a 96-year-old WWII veteran’s tire went flat. The manager by the name of Daryl Howard was unknowingly captured in pictures while he, without hesitation, helped the veteran change his flat tire. The veteran is known to the restaurant employees as Mr. Lee, as he visits there several times a week.

Employees say Mr. Lee enters the store shaking and almost in tears. He explains to the staff that he was driving on three tires and barely made it to the restaurant because he had no help to change it.


Daryl changes the veteran’s tire without hesitation

Chick-fil-A manager changes war veteran's tire
Chick-fil-A manager and war veteran / Rudy Somoza

“As soon as he [Mr. Lee] finished his sentence, Daryl informed me he needed to help this gentleman right now,” says fellow manager Rudy Somoza. “Daryl jumped on into action without hesitation.”

Daryl was able to fix the tire in 15 minutes and Somoza records every single moment. “His action of kindness was beautiful,” Somoza says. “Daryl has always been so helpful to anyone in need and deserves this recognition.”


Chick-fil-A manager changes war veteran's tire
Mr. Lee / Rudy Somoza

Daryl has worked at that Chick-fil-A location for nine years. “I thank God I was in the right position to be witness of this touching moment,” one coworker says about the heartwarming situation.

Check out all the photos taken from the day’s events in the video below. Daryl deserves all the recognition for helping a friend in need!

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