Mom Asks Strangers To Help Find Her Daughter’s Missing ‘Military Daddy Doll’

One Ohio mother asks for help in finding their missing military daddy doll

One mom just sent out a plea for help. Her daughter had a military “daddy doll” which featured a photo of her father on it. The doll helps to comfort her three-year-old while her father is deployed. Jessica Osborne’s husband is currently training with the Kentucky National Guard.

Some days the mother and daughter aren’t able to see or even speak to him. The doll helps her daughter to feel comforted when she can’t talk to her dad. Jessica’s two oldest daughters both have a doll while their father will be gone for a while.


If you live in Ohio, please help find the missing doll

military daddy doll
Military Daddy Doll / Facebook

Last Friday, she couldn’t find her three-year-old’s doll. Jessica believes it may have gotten lost while they went to get pizza and made a stop at the local Dairy Queen. The family is located in Ohio.

Jessica shared a photo of her oldest daughter’s doll with a caption on Facebook. At the time of posting, it has received over 5,000 shares. Her post read, “My toddler lost her daddy doll on Friday. We were at Larosas, Dairy Queen on Columbus Ave. and also in the neighborhood attached.
It could also be on route from 48 to Bunnell Hill to Five Points. The daddy doll is a military stuffed doll with my husband’s military picture inside.”


jessica family
Jessica and her family / Facebook

She continues, “She is devastated. We use it often when he trains and she isn’t able to see or speak to him. Please…if you see this doll…I would be grateful for its return. [[[[The photo attached is my eldest daughters doll. The doll missing will not have dog tags or logos on the legs.]]]] #DaddyDollComeBack #ShareAndLetsBringHimHome.”

jessica brandon kids
Family photo / Facebook

Jessica said that it helps her daughters cope when their father is on duty. They love to look at his photo, hug the doll and keep it closeby. It gives them comfort, especially at bedtime. If you live in the area, please be on the lookout for this doll. Even if you don’t live in the Ohio area, please share the post on Facebook to help others locate it.

jessica brandon family
Jessica and Brandon family / Facebook

Read Jessica’s most recent update on the missing daddy doll

Jessica posted an update four hours ago (at the time of posting) which read, “There is some confusion on whether our beloved daddy doll has been found. Unfortunately, it has not been found yet. I say yet because I’m not giving up. I am determined to find him.”

The amount of love and support from the community and around the US is amazing. I’ve never seen so many people come together. We often see communities fall apart so thank you to each and every one of you for supporting us. We are so appreciative of you. If we do find #daddydoll it will be posted on my personal page.”

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