Twelve Photos That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Twelve Photos That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

There are some creepy photos on the Internet that never fail to make our skin crawl. They’re just so terrifying and disturbing, there is simply no other reaction other than feeling your heart skip five beats. Some photographers just happen to be in the right place at the right time to take these unbelievable photos… and no, they’re not photoshopped!

Are you prepared to feel your heart race? Here are twelve photos that will make you do just that!


Commence heart-racing…

Crossing a sky bridge
Crossing a sky bridge / Boredom Therapy

If someone paid you a million dollars, would you cross this sky bridge with only a harness to keep you upright? This is a huge attraction in China and it’s a 1,000-foot drop to the ground.

swarm of bees under bike seat
Swarm of bees / Boredom Therapy

If you have a phobia of bees, I’m sorry about this photo. What would you do if your bike seat (or anything) was taken over by a swarm of bees?


underwater with a shark
Underwater with a shark / Boredom Therapy

Imagine you’re deep-diving, having tons of fun, and taking photos to secure the memories… and this guy comes up at you. At least the guy is telling the shark to “hang loose” with that hand sign. Do you think the shark got the memo?

driving away from volcano eruption
Volcano eruption / Boredom Therapy

We don’t know who that is driving in this photo, but they had better hurry it up! That volcanic ash is much closer than it appears.

dismantled doll in a tree
Doll in a tree / Boredom Therapy

Something is just super creepy about this photo. A dismantled doll tangled up in a tree? This is the beginning of a horror movie, for sure.

woman wearing a weird mask
Woman in a mask / Boredom Therapy

How is no one staring at this woman in pure horror? Also, why is she wearing what appears to be an inferno mask? There are so many questions for this creepy picture.

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