Dad Has The Best Reaction When Son Buys Him A Truck

Son gives hard working father a new truck
Wikimedia Commons and YouTube

  • In this video, a son blindfolds his father and leads him to an undisclosed location.  
  • When he reveals the surprise, the dad sees that his son bought him a truck!
  • His reaction is priceless. You have to see it.


If you’re in need of a heartwarming story today, here it is. In a video gone viral, a son worked hard to purchase his dad a truck and his father’s reaction is priceless! At the start of the video, you see the son leading his dad somewhere blindfolded. He was ready to surprise him!

When the blindfold is finally taken off, the dad is so excited he jumps off the ground! At first, he thinks his son bought himself a new truck and is so excited. However, he then learns that his son bought him the truck. He launches at his son and gives him a huge hug.


You have to see his reaction

son gave hard working dad a truck
Son giving his dad the keys / YouTube

As the video plays, you can hear someone in the background saying, “He needed that.” The son also says that his father is a hard worker. The father just sobs, clearly very grateful for this amazing gift of a new truck.

Commenters from around the world loved how close the two seem to be. They also loved that this son gifted his father like that! One commenter posted, “You wonderful person, how amazing to treat your Dad this way. I have to stop writing now as someone is cutting onions and I can’t see the keyboard.


son father hug
Hugging / YouTube

Other commenters noted the way that the dad trusted his son to lead him, not knowing what was going on. Others loved the way they clearly had lots of love for each other and were so proud of each other. Many also commented on how they seem to be strong men. The dad kept crying and the son just held him and did not tell him to stop crying.

There was also an audience, which was probably their families! It sure looks like a touching moment they will remember for the rest of their lives. What a great son! Watch the video below and get ready to cry some happy tears:

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