Parenting Advice Baby Boomers Need To Stop Giving Right Now


Parenting is not easy. When you have kids, people start coming out of the woodwork with lots and lots of advice. While some of it can be helpful, a lot of it can be downright annoying or damaging. Baby boomers love to give advice, but there are some things that people should just stop saying to other people.

Some of this advice is just rude and some of it is just plain outdated. Here is some parenting advice you’ve probably heard that just needs to be retired at this point in time. See if you agree with these or not:


1. You’re babying him or her.

Mother hugging son / Pixabay

If you have children, you’ve probably heard this advice after one of your kids got hurt. Someone said you were babying your child and that they need to get hurt once in a while to “toughen up.” Does that actually work? Parents should take care of their children and make sure that they don’t get hurt. I mean, as long as you don’t bubble wrap your kids at the playground, I think you’re good!

2. They’re playing too many video games.

video games
Kids playing video games / Flickr

While I agree that kids shouldn’t play video games 24/7 and they need to get outside, I don’t think video games are all bad! They can help develop hand-eye coordination and help social skills if kids play games with other kids.


3. Boys shouldn’t play with dolls.

boy with doll
Boy playing with doll / Wikimedia Commons

Let the boy play with dolls and let the girls play with action figures! It won’t do anything bad except make them happy because they’re playing with toys.

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What do you think?

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