Do You Remember | The Six Most Most Watched Live Television Broadcasts In History


When something big happens in the world, there is often a live broadcast so millions can watch all at once. While the family sits together, you may forget just how many other families are watching along with you. When you watch, you’re making history! Isn’t that so exciting? 

Since the invention of live television broadcasts, there have been several that have made history because so many people tuned in. Here are some of the most famous live televised events. How many did you watch? Count and then compare with your friends!


1. Aloha From Hawaii (1973)

On January 14, 1973, Elvis Presley shared a live concert event with the world. He performed at the Honolulu International Center. It was broadcast at the same time as the Super Bowl VII, but more people ended up tuning in to see The King! It was NBC’s highest rated program that year. We really miss Elvis!

2. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding (2011)

prince william kate wedding
Prince William and Kate’s wedding / Wikipedia

Royal weddings draw in a lot of viewers. 300 million people watched live as William and Kate said their vows. Can you imagine that many people watching your wedding? Talk about nerves…


3. Chilean Miner Rescue (2010)

chilean miner rescue
Chilean miner rescue / Wikimedia Commons

Do you remember when those 33 miners were trapped underground? They were trapped for 69 days and their rescue was heavily televised. It was one of those moments where you held your breath until all of them were rescued. Luckily, all of them were okay.

4. Apollo 11 Moon Landing (1969)

apollo 11
Apollo 11 / Flickr

It was a huge deal when an American finally set foot on the moon. The whole thing was broadcasted live by the crew and half a billion people watched! Half a billion… wow!

You probably remember the famous Neil Armstrong quote, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

5. Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service (2009)

michael jackson
Michael Jackson / Wikimedia Commons

When Michael Jackson died, it was a huge shock to the world. Around 18,000 people came to pay their respects in person and 500 million people watched live.

6. John F. Kennedy’s Funeral (1963)

jfk funeral
JFK funeral / Wikimedia Commons

Another famous funeral garnered almost all Americans to watch live. It was the first televised news event like this. It was estimated that 93 percent of Americans who owned televisions tuned in to watch the funeral. Do you remember where you were when you found out about JFK’s Assassination on November 22, 1963? 

I will never forget watching with my brother. I was 18 years old and we were working at a restaurant when the televisions all began to play the same broadcast. Then the funeral on the 25th of November had not only the nation’s attention, but the world. I don’t remember anyone not watching John F. Kennedy’s Funeral. How many of these televised events did you watch live? Do you remember all of these news events?


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