Should You Run Or Walk To Burn Fat And Lose Weight?


Obviously, walking and running are both great ways to exercise, burn fat, and lose weight. Many people claim that if you want to burn belly fat you should go on frequent walks and if you want to burn fat in general, you should run. It can be kind of confusing which exercise you should choose based on your weight loss goals.

Experts say that running is overall better for fat loss and losing weight. However, if you are not a regular exerciser, it can be very helpful to start with walks and work your way up to running. Running helps lose fat more quickly because it is high intensity and burns more calories.


You need to get your metabolic system activated to lose fat

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Some of us are born with naturally high metabolisms. For the rest of us, we have to run or work out to stay slim and trim.

According to PopSugar, Tom Holland, MS, NSCA-CSCS, an exercise physiologist and author of “The Marathon Method” says, “When you work out at a lower intensity like walking, your body will burn more fat as a percentage of total calories. You burn more total calories, as well as more calories from fat, at higher intensities. The higher your heart rate, the greater the metabolic demand and the more energy you will expend.”


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Running can also save you time. To get the same results, you would have to walk for about an hour versus running for around 20-30 minutes. Experts say you should start with walking and work your way up to a running routine. This can help avoid injury. As always, you should talk to your doctor before you start a new workout routine.

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Interval training is also a great way to burn fat. Interval training is basically pushing yourself as hard as you can for a few minutes, resting, and repeating. An example would be to run sprints for about one minute, rest for a minute, and then run at a slower pace for a few minutes and repeat. It can also help to add in hills.


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Just make sure to warm up, cool down, and stretch to avoid injuries. Running three days a week is a great way to lose weight and burn fat without risking injury. If you also want to add muscle, try a strength training routine with weights. You can work your way from smaller weights to larger weights as well.

If you still prefer walking, try going on a walk every day, especially if you frequently sit for work or relaxation. Stick to a plan and you will surely see results soon. Do you prefer running or walking?

Studies also show that gardening is a great way to exercise and reduce your risk of a heart attack!

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