21 Of The Best Drive-In Restaurants Still Open In The United States

12. Bar-B-Q King Drive-In in Charlotte, North Carolina

Bar-B-Q King / Facebook

This is a drive-in that was visited by Food Network’s Guy Fieri. Guy loved their barbecue fried chicken. They are also well known for their onion rings and their SunDrop drinks.

13. Sycamore Drive-In in Bethel, Connecticut

Sycamore / Facebook

Sycamore Drive-In offers Sunday cruise nights for those with classic cars. Many people get out their vintage clothing from the ’50s and indulge in a homemade root beer float! 

14. Frisco’s Carhops in City of Industry, California

Frisco’s Carhops / Facebook

The carhops at Frisco’s wear roller skates and the girls wear pink skirts, very reminiscent of the ’50s. They also deliver your food with a song and dance! How fun does that sound? They are known for using parmesan sourdough bread instead of buns for their burgers, too.

15. Mac’s Drive-In in Waterloo, New York

Mac’s / Facebook

Mac’s Drive-In has been open every summer since 1961. One of their fan favorites is their fresh cut French fries and Richardson’s beer which they pour from a mini-keg on the front counter.

16. Dog House Drive-In in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dog House / Facebook

This New Mexico staple is known for its spicy chili dogs and Frito Pie. They are along Route 66, making it a great road trip spot.

17. Peppermint Twist in Delano, Minnesota

Peppermint Twist / Facebook

There is a twist at the Peppermint Twist and it includes a teddy bear-themed playground! The location is also painted hot pink because they wanted to stand out against Hardee’s. The food continues to win awards in Minnesota.

18. Bill’s Hot Dog Stand in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Bill’s / Facebook

Bill’s is known for its chili dogs and their old fashioned way of taking orders. Carhops go to your car to take your order and tell the cook your order with hand signals. Sounds pretty unique, right?

19. Corral Drive-In in Guymon, Oklahoma

Corral / Facebook

This place is actually a movie theater and restaurant! They have pizza, calzones, Philly cheesesteaks, hot dogs, nachos, chili cheese fries and more! We wish there were more drive-in movie theaters still around.

20. Bobo’s Drive-In in Topeka, Kansas

Bobo’s / Facebook

Bobo’s is known for their giant neon signs, but also their burgers with Spanish sauce, onion rings, and apple pie.

21. Charlie’s Drive-In in Hortonville, Wisconsin

Charlie’s / Facebook

If you love Elvis, you will want to check out this drive-in. Workers dress up like the King and serve you incredible burgers. They also have a classic car night. If you drive up in a classic Chevy or Caddy you will get a free mug of root beer and a sandwich!

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Check out this clip that has some amazing shots from the past!

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