Recollecting The Days Of The Milkman


Though the tradition of having your milk delivered may have left the US, it is still a common practice in many places around the world and a practice missed fondly by those who were around in its heyday.

Did your family have their milk delivered daily? Did you have a “milk-chute” in your house? Did your milk come in glass bottles? Did you skim the cream from the top? Did your mom get friendly with the Milkman? (Just Kidding!)


Today on DoYouRemember we’re looking back at everyone fondest Milkman memories.

“Fan Milkman Memories”

David Fox I was only a kid , but I remember when the milkman delivered in the winter , the cream would always push up the top ! No skim , 1% , or 2% milk in those days , only whole !


Sabrina Ortiz I remember getting milk delivered to our house early in in the morning when it was still dark in the glass bottles when we were young. And. FYI m not old lol. And I remember my mom paying with chage because it wasn’t expensive at all. Little did we know what a cool thing that was in the 70’s.

Kate Shaw My Dad was a milk inspector; he went to the farms (riding circuit) in the early morning and in the evening to test their milk. He brought home a 2 quart pail of fresh milk every night. I did not drink pasteurized milk until they closed the two-room schools and sent us all to the big consolidated school. My sisters and I agreed that pasteurized milk was nasty.

Rhonda Engle I remember having a milkman. He delivered more than just milk: cheese and other dairy products. He used to just come in our house and put hings in the refrigerator if we weren’t home. Those were the good days! I miss them!

Deborah J Harrison I remember when I was a child my grandma had the milk man bring the milk to the door in the morning and when she would bring it in the house she would take the cream out the top of the milk and make some for her coffee and the milk we would drink in our cereal back when I was a kid milk things like milk and cheese and coco and eggs. I would love to drink milk chocolate and the white milk tastes good to it was heavy cream milk and it was real good and cold not like this milk now. I miss the ( real ) taste of milk and other things of my child hood to. I remember when cheese was soooo good and would melt so good It made a great max and cheese I loved it when my mom would bake it in the oven and she would put veggies and Meat in it with 3 cheese’s in it.. but anyway I do remember that milk from the glass jar that was some good damn milk..

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