You Can Now Get $1 Margaritas At Applebee’s For The Whole Month Of May And There’s No Catch!


Calling all margarita lovers! It is now the month of May and you know what that means! Besides being that much closer to warmer weather and summertime, it also means $1 margaritas at Applebee’s for the entire month! Especially with Cinco de Mayo coming up quick this weekend, all restaurants are fighting to get out the best deals and reign supreme.

How can you pass up Applebee’s “Dollaritas” though, especially when you can get them for only $1 all month long? Forget about just the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, Applebee’s is pulling out the big guns.


Applebee's Dollaritas
Applebee’s Dollaritas / Applebee’s

Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage and innovation at Applebee’s, released a statement on the implementation of the $1 margaritas all month long.

The Dollarita taught America that $1 is an unbeatable price for a cocktail. Where else can you find a good Margarita for only $1, all day, every day? Some might say this is too good to be true, but to them I say, margaritas never lie.”


Applebee's margaritas
Applebee’s margaritas / Applebee’s

With the $1 Dollarita drink being bottom shelf tequila and margarita mix served in a 10-ounce mug, there’s also a way to make your own DIY Dollaritas at home, except they’re free! News flash, it’s basically just your standard margarita, but we have to inside scoop on how to make the best one for your Cinco de Mayo weekend and beyond.

Read onto the NEXT page on how to make your own delicious DIY margarita…

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