How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery


You probably dream about winning the lottery, right? If you often buy those cheap lottery scratchers, did you know there is actually a way to increase your chances of winning money from them? Unfortunately, many stores sell lotto scratchers that are attached to prizes that have already been won!

To increase your chances of winning and stop wasting a few dollars here and there, you have to see if the winnings are still available first. It is pretty easy to find out and will increase your chances of winning. If you knew how much money you were essentially tossing away each month because that prize was already claimed, you would probably be really upset.


Look up the information on your state’s lottery website

lottery scratchers
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Before you buy a lottery scratcher, look up the state lottery board website. You can see which scratchers have a big win still available and which ones have already been claimed. This can also help you to figure out your odds of winning.

You’ll only want to purchase ones where the big prize is still available to win! Many scratchers have lots of prizes, but you may just want to get the ones which could win you millions or have better odds of winning something.


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For example, you can see that a particular scratcher had 70 top prizes, but now only 13 are available. Another one might have 50+ still available, so you probably want to buy that one instead. Choosing a scratcher that still has more prizes available will give you a better chance of winning or winning a bigger prize.

At the very least, it helps you not waste as much cash

lotto scratcher
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Lastly, this strategy can ensure that you aren’t wasting your money by buying a scratcher that has almost no chance of winning anything big.

Did you know that you could look up this information online? You can also play different scratchers online, some of them are even free! If you play the lottery, do you prefer to buy tickets in a store or play on the Internet?

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