10 Insane Secrets Lottery Winners Will Never Share With You


Everyone dreams of winning big at the lottery. Whether you’re dropping 2 bucks on a scratch ticket or waiting to see if you’ve got winning numbers, it’s truly the luck of the draw.

However, there are some well-hidden secrets that lotto winners will never tell you. We’ve got them all right here!


1. You win some, you lose all

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You’d think after scoring big at the lotto, you’d be set for life. Well, not exactly. About 70% of lotto winners spend all the money they win in 5 years or less.

2.  Previous winners continue to play

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Talk about confidence! Players who have won the lottery before will absolutely play again. And again and again and again. It’s addictive!


3. Impulse purchase nightmares become reality


Ever dream of owning a line of luxury cars or a mansion? Well… this becomes the norm after winning $100 million. Many lottery winners actually end up not needing the items they bought on impulse.

4. They’re looked down upon by the rich

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The people who have truly worked hard for and earned their money apparently look down on those who win the lotto. Apparently wealthy people believe lottery winners didn’t actually work hard to earn their money.

5. They’re sick of money questions

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Lottery winners get a lot of questions about their money, especially personal questions about how and what they spend it on. Paws off!

6. Everyone will know your name


If you’re looking for publicity, you may not mind this. But for others who’d rather keep their name out of the press, you may want to think again. Some state laws require lotto winners to do a news conference and take a photo holding a huge check.

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