Nine Places You Are Forgetting To Vacuum In Your Home

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You probably vacuum your carpets, rugs, and floors regularly, especially if you have pets. However, there are lots of places in your home that accumulate dirt and dust and are often left untouched. Not only does this make your home look dirtier, but it can also lead to allergies or irritate those with asthma and other breathing conditions.

If you’re worried about dust and dirt, get out all of your vacuum attachments and get cleaning. Here are some other places in your home that are important to vacuum, especially if you are engaging in spring cleaning:


1. Baseboards

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Lots of dust, pet hair, and other gross items can build up on your baseboards and regular vacuuming just won’t get rid of it. Over time, you’ll notice it. Use a vacuum attachment to clean all of your baseboards thoroughly and use a dryer sheet weekly to avoid letting it build up with dirt and hair again.

2. Blinds

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Blinds are another area that accumulates dirt and dust and are rarely cleaned. Dust them with a flexible duster, but if they have built up lots of dust, use your vacuum attachments to get them really clean.


3. Furniture

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If you have pets, their hair can build up on your couches and chairs. Even if you don’t have any furry friends or don’t let them on the furniture, dust, dirt, and other items can accumulate. Take off the cushions and vacuum the cushions and the insides of the furniture. Don’t forget to vacuum the back and any small crevices that crumbs can easily fall into.

4. Vents

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Vents pull air in and out, so they definitely pull in dirt, dust, and hair too. Make sure you vacuum these too to keep the air you are breathing clean.

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