Enjoy Dinner Time Again With A Tasty And More Nutritious Meal Plan


Spring is in full swing now, which means the sun is brighter, the air is warmer, and we need to start getting into shape for the upcoming summer season! The best way to do that is by utilizing a brand new meal plan, but where to start? With a new meal plan, of course!

Now, it’s become much easier to make that transition from holiday, carb-filled deliciousness to healthier, nutritious dinner time meals that your body will thank you for later (and are also delicious!) You can make this a reality with Plated and you can sign up now to get 25% off your first four weeks! That means you could save up to $159 on your next meal plan.

Plated Meal Plan / Plated

No matter what you choose, no matter what kind of craving you have for dinner that night, Plated is there with a globally inspired, chef-designed menu with 20 recipes, including dessert, every week! You can decide on the number of servings you want and how many nights on top of mixing and matching your food combinations for even more deliciousness!

What’s even better than all of this? It’s 100% delivered to right to your door, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of grocery shopping.

Roasted Chicken au Jus / Plated

Essentially, the only work you really have to do is pick out your recipes and actually cook the food. Plated supplies the rest for your convenience. What makes Plated stand out from the rest of these meal plans is that their food is responsibly made, organic, and full of nutritional value.

Their pork and poultry are raised without antibiotics, their ground beef is 100% raised with no added hormones, their fish is sustainably caught as they work closely with trusted fisheries, and their produce is fresh and seasonal, meaning you get premium-quality vegetables every time.

Chinese Barbecue Salmon / Plated

You can also count on fulfilling any cravings for international foods such as Chinese or Mexican. Since the menu is globally-inspired, you can bet that you’ll find some seriously delicious international food items that will beat fast food takeout any day.

Plated Meal Delivery Service / Plated

Now that you’ve got the rundown on this meal plan, are you ready to make the transition to your spring/summer diet with the help of Plated? Sign up for Plated right now and receive 25% off your first four weeks… we love saving time at the grocery store and money!

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