Colin Hanks Shares A Touching Story About The Late Luke Perry

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Tom Hanks son, Colin Hanks, never really knew Luke Perry. But he does have an amazing story that really shares what Luke’s heart was like. Colin shared the story online after Luke died after a stroke on Monday, March 4, 2019. He was only 52 years old.

Colin told a story about a random turn of events where he got to witness Luke being somewhat of a hero. It is so amazing to hear about stories like this, just as we are really missing Luke and wondering why he was taken so soon.


Read Colin’s Entire Story

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Colin shared on his Instagram page, “I only met him once but the story is too good not tell given today’s sad events. My wife and I are on a plane back from Mexico. Couple of rows ahead of us, these two brothers, young kids, are beating the hell out of each other. Their poor parents are powerless to stop the crying, yelling and screaming. If you’re a parent you understand. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. It was like this for close to two hours. Then about 10 minutes before landing it starts to get real bad.”

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Colin continues, “Out of nowhere, a man comes from first class. Hat, beard, sunglasses, blowing up a balloon. He ties it off, hands it off like he’s holding out a sword to a king. Kneeling, Head down, arms up. Kids calm down in milliseconds. Plane damn near bursts into applause. 15 minutes longer and it probably would have started WWIII, but we landed before that could happen. We get off the plane, are waiting on line in customs. Finally get a good look at the guy and I say to my wife ‘Holy shit. I think that balloon man/hero is Luke Perry’.”



He ends with, “As luck would have it we end up standing next to each other. Out of the blue, he turns to me and says some kind words about Fargo, which kinda blew my mind. I start singing his praises about how long I’ve admired him and also about the move with the balloon. ‘That’s a pro move! You can’t teach that!’ I say. He tells me he always flies with a couple of balloons for that very reason, to give to screaming kids. Don’t know if that’s true, but have no reason to believe it wasn’t. Guy seemed like a true gent. Gone way too damn soon. Also, I’ll be damned if I don’t start traveling with some spare balloons.”

Luke Perry Was A Great Father

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We wonder if those kids even knew that Luke Perry was the one who gave them a balloon. Luke was likely so good with kids because he had kids of his own. He had two kids, a son named Jack and a daughter named Sophie. Jack is currently 21 years old and Sophie is 18. Luke had them with his ex-wife Rachel “Minnie” Sharp.

Many people have come out of the woodworks to share what a great father and person Luke was. Friends and family have reportedly said that he loved being with his kids and was always present with them. He was proud of anything they accomplished, as any great father would be.

According to, 90210 co-star Shannen Doherty said, “Luke loved his family. He raved about his kids and how proud he was of them. He showed me videos of the often. They were his heart and for him, his biggest accomplishment.”

What do you think about Colin’s story? We miss Luke so much!

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