Teacher’s ‘Bread Trick’ Goes Viral And We Are Washing Our Hands Stat


One teacher at Cape Fear High school in North Carolina really put the fear in us. She decided to do an experiment with her students to help them learn the importance of washing your hands. It is very important to wash your hands, especially during flu season to avoid getting sick.

She shared the experiment results on Facebook and it went viral! It is definitely a disgusting wake-up call and reminded us to wash our hands, especially before eating. Donna Gill Allen is the Health Occupation teacher at the high school and thought the experiment was perfect for teaching her students about germs.


What Was The Experiment?

washing hands

First, you get three pieces of bread. White bread generally works best for this experiment. For Donna’s experiment, she had the kids watch her put a piece of bread in a bag with a glove on. That is the controlled part of the experiment. Next, she took the gloves off but washed her hands right before putting a new piece of bread in a bag. This was the clean part of the experiment.

slices of bread
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For the last and final part of the experiment, she passed a new piece of bread around and let everyone in the class touch it. Then, she put it right in the bag. This was the dirty part of the experiment. She put the bags of bread up in the classroom to let her students watch how the pieces of bread would change over time.


See The Results


As you can see, the two pieces of bread labeled ‘controlled’ and ‘clean’ look fine. They look like normal, fresh pieces of bread. However, the ‘dirty’ piece of bread that all of the students touched is covered in mold, and of course, germs and bacteria! It looks so gross!

wash hands

Donna said her students are in the Certified Nursing Assistant program. She teaches them to take care of patients and teaches them all safety and health precautions. This was a great experiment to teach them the importance of washing their hands and how quickly germs can spread.

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As you can see, simply washing your hands before touching food is a great way to prevent the spread of germs. Many people don’t really think about this, but this photo is a great reminder and wake-up call about the dangers of spreading germs and not washing your hands.

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This would also be a great experiment to try with your kids and grandkids to teach them about the importance of washing their hands! What do you think about this experiment? If you found this article informative, please SHARE with your friends and family who could use a reminder about washing their hands!

Watch this video to learn the proper way to wash your hands to avoid getting sick this year:

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