Find Out Which Company Is The Largest Employer In Your State

Visual Capitalist

Visual Capitalist is a website that aims to share valuable information with the world in easy to understand graphics. For one of their ‘Chart of the Week’ features, they decided to create a map that shares each state’s largest employer. They recently updated it for 2019.

What companies do you think might be the largest employers on this list? Amazon? Costco? Wrong! Surprisingly, Walmart is the largest employer in many of the states in the United States. They are the biggest private employer in almost half of the states. Here is a list of the biggest employers in each state:


employer map
Visual Capitalist

Alabama: Walmart
Alaska: Providence Health & Services
Arizona: Banner Health

Arkansas: Walmart
California: University of California
Colorado: Denver International Airport


Connecticut: Yale New Haven Health System
Delaware: Beebe Medical Center
Florida: Walmart
Georgia: Walmart
Hawaii: University of Hawaii


Idaho: St. Luke’s Health System
Illinois: Walmart
Indiana: Walmart
Iowa: University of Iowa
Kansas: Walmart

Kentucky: Walmart
Louisiana: Walmart
Maine: EMHS

johns hopkins
Wikimedia Commons

Maryland: Johns Hopkins Institutions
Massachusetts: Partners Healthcare
Michigan: General Motors
Minnesota: Mayo Clinic

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